Coffee Man also offers a full line of disposable tableware for your kitchen or break-room environment.  We carry both environmentally-preferred (100% bio-degradable) products as well as traditional coated paper plates, bowls, and utensils. 

  • Eco-Friendly option
  • Heavy-duty coated tableware 
  • Various sizes of plates and bowls
  • Economy-style options available

Coffee Man Beverage Services also realizes how important it is to stock foil, plastic wrap and food storage bags for your left-over food needs.  That’s why we offer a great selection of foils, wraps, and Ziploc bags.

  • Foils: Regular, Heavy Duty, Non-Stick, Pre-Cut Sheets
  • Commercial Grade Plastic Wrap 
  • Ziploc Storage Bags:  Quart, 1-Gallon, Sandwich
  • Trash Bags – Any Size or Style

Sugar & Sweeteners
Coffee Man offers a full line of your favorite sweeteners in various types of packaging.  Sugar, artificial, and natural sweeteners are offered in single-serve packets of 100ct boxes up to 2000ct boxes.

  • Coffee Mate Original & Flavored Powdered Creamers
  • 20oz Sugar Canisters, Single-Serve Packets, Sugar Cubes
  • Equal, Splenda, Sweet ‘N Low, Truvia
  • Sugar In The Raw
  • Stevia In The Raw

Kitchen Supplies​

Delivering Coffee and Beverages to the Metropolis and Beyond

We realize how important stir sticks are at a coffee station.  That’s why we offer plastic and wooden stirrers which are economical and are made of high quality, thus reducing the number of stirrers to stir a drink. 
Our individually wrapped drinking straws avoid cross contamination and ensure a sanitary environment for those beverage lovers who like to drink from a straw. 
At each delivery, we always leave a plentiful supply of complimentary paper coffee filters.

  • 7” Plastic Stirrers
  • 7” Eco-Friendly Wooden Stirrers 
  • Individually Wrapped Drinking Straws
  • 10-12 Cup Paper Coffee Filters

Creamers - Liquid
Coffee Man offers a full line of shelf-stable liquid creamers that do not require refrigeration.  We offer both dairy and non-dairy portion cup creamers in all of your favorite flavors.

  • Coffee Mate Original & Flavored Liquid Creamers
  • International Delight Flavored Liquid Creamers
  • Land O’ Lakes Mini Moos ½ & ½ Liquid Creamers

Hand Cleansers
Coffee Man offers a variety of hand soaps and sanitizers. Anti-bacterial and moisturizing hand soaps are available in bulk-size bottles or individual hand- pump dispensers.  Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are available in commercially sized dispensers with refills as well as individually wrapped wipes.

  • Soft-soap Brand Hand Cleanser
  • Purell Hand Sanitizers
  • Gojo

First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits provided by us are designed to supply the most commonly used items for minor workplace emergencies. Exceeds OSHA 1910.15(b) Guidelines and ANSI Standard Z803.12003.  These kits are wall-mounted in your office or warehouse for easy identification and accessibility in times of need. Our dedicated First Aid Specialist will keep your kit clean and stocked with all the supplies needed to treat the 5 areas of first aid (Minor cuts, major injuries, eye care, burn care, & personal discomfort.)

  • OSHA Approved First-Aid Cabinets
  • Hygienic, Individually Packaged Medicinals
  • CPR and Trauma Kits
  • Burn Care Products
  • Various Sized Kits to Match the Size of Your Workplace

Coffee Man offers a full line of hot and cold beverage cups for your office. Whether you're looking for premium insulated cup, the economical choice of Styrofoam, or if you want a branded cup showcasing the gourmet coffee you serve, Coffee Man has the perfect cup to compliment to your office coffee program. Companies with a commitment to sustaining the environment will be pleased with our line of environmentally-friendly hot cups. All of our hot cups have a corresponding dome lid and insulating sleeve available to promote employee safety and cleanliness.

  • 8oz – 16oz hot cups in paper and foam
  • 10oz – 12oz plastic cold cups 
  • Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Coffee Bean, and Wolfgang Puck logo cups
  • Environmentally preferred hot paper cups
  • Dome Lids and Insulating Sleeves for All Size

Safety Supplies 
Coffee Man Beverage Services is a convenient source for everyday workplace safety supplies such as ear plugs, respirators, safety signs, and personal protective equipment (PPE). We understand that all workplace environments have individual and specific risk factors that need to be accommodated. That's why we work closely with our clients for special orders and needs.

  • Respirators
  • Eye & Ear Protection
  • Back, Knee, and Wrist Support Products
  • Safety Signage
  • Helmets, gloves

Creamers - Powdered
Coffee Man offers a full line of powdered creamers in all of your favorite flavors.

  • Coffee Mate Original & Flavored Powdered Creamers
  • Generic Brand Creamer in Canisters & Packets

Towels/ Tissues/ Napkins
We can provide your office with a full line of paper towels, facial tissues, napkins, and toilet tissue which ensures your office has the supplies it needs for daily upkeep.  We even have a full-line of dispensers we’ll install for your convenience. We can meet your specific needs by offering an assortment of products giving you a choice in quality and price.  We even have a separate line of eco-friendly paper products including quality products made with 100% recycled paper.

  • Paper Towels & Dispenser Towels
  • Luncheon and Dinner Napkins 
  • Facial and Toilet Tissue
  • Environmentally Friendly Paper Products

Emergency Preparedness
Coffee Man Beverage Services is also a convenient source for emergency preparedness in the event of an earthquake or other disaster.
American Preparedness is a Service Disabled Veterans owned business that has designed the 7204 emergency preparedness kit to support four people for 72 hours (three days). These mobile kits can be carried to the point of use and are stocked with supplies needed to stay informed, nourished, and insulated in an emergency.
The contents are packed into a sturdy, easily identifiable, red backpack. The 7204 contains enough food rations, water and other emergency supplies, such as emergency space blankets, flashlights, water-resistant radio with batteries and emergency ponchos to provide 4 people with the items needed to assist in surviving a natural or man made disaster.

This Deluxe Survivor 700 has a shelf life of up to 20 years and can serve the following:

  • One person 1,873 calories per day for 6 weeks
  • Two people 1,873 calories each per day for 3 weeks 
  • Four people 1,967 calories each per day for 10 days

Please call for more details.

Equipment Cleaning Supplies
Coffee residue can not only give equipment a stained appearance, it can alter the taste of your coffee. Coffee machines and servers should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent buildup of coffee residue. Our drivers will clean your machines on our scheduled visit to your location, but this should be supplemented by regular rinsing and cleaning of servers and the coffee brew basket. Our cleaners are non-toxic and highly effective at removing residue and keeping equipment clean for life.

  • Coffee and Air Pot Liquid Cleaning Solution
  • Brew Basket Filter-Pouch Cleaner
  • Sponge & Bristle Brushes Wands
  • Sink Sponges

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Air Fresheners
Coffee Man also offers a variety of air fresheners  Whether you need spray fresheners or automatic time-metered air fresheners, we have it all.

  • Lysol
  • Febreze
  • TimeMist Metered Fragrances

Kitchen Cleaners
Coffee Man Beverage Services offers the same great cleaning products you use at home. These long-standing brands are effective and reliable to handle cleaning jobs both large and small. Whether it's dish soap, dishwashing detergent, surface cleaners, or disinfectant sprays, we have the products you need. Ask about our line of environmentally-friendly cleaning agents.

  • Hand & Auto Dishwasher Soap
  • Comet Cleanser
  • Clorox, Fabuloso, Pine Sol, 409, Windex
  • Simple Green & Seventh Generation Eco-Friendly Products