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Tea is a popular refreshing drink among working professionals. However, going out for a sip when feeling lethargic is not practical during working hours. The ideal answer is to purchase and install tea vending machines in the office.

But before we get to that, let’s look at the different reasons why offering tea in your office can benefit your business. 

5 Ways Office Tea Benefits Business

Your business would profit greatly if you provide tea to your staff in addition to coffee and water. Tea is beneficial to your health and workplace contentment. If you want to provide workplace tea in Orange County, California, you’ve come to the perfect location.

Today, we’ll go over five of the most significant advantages of providing tea at your workplace.

1. Increases energy levels

Both black and green tea contain caffeine, which naturally increases energy levels. This can be quite helpful in overcoming the afternoon slump or starting the day strong. Tea, unlike coffee, does not normally make users feel nervous or anxious.

When your staff is more energized, you will notice an increase in workplace productivity. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

2. Decreasing workplace stress

Tea drinking regularly has been related to reduced stress and enhanced mental wellness. This is partly because tea contains significant amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent oxidative stress by removing free radicals from the body that harm healthy cells. It’s important to note that elevated oxidative stress has been connected to both sadness and anxiety.

And multiple studies demonstrate that stress is connected to increased workplace blunders. As a result, by providing tea, you improve employee morale and productivity.

3. Facilitate healthy digestion

Having a health problem of any kind might make it challenging to concentrate at work. Having indigestion can be very uncomfortable. Furthermore, a whopping 75% of Americans experience digestive problems of some kind. Tea’s ability to calm the stomach lining, lower inflammation, and enhance gut health can support healthy digestion.

4. It benefits your brain

Tea has health benefits beyond being a nutrient-rich beverage with anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, tea increases attention span and memory. Regular tea consumption can enhance focus, reaction time, memory, and visual processing thanks to the caffeine and L-theanine it contains.

5. It aids in your hydration.

Up to 75% of Americans experience chronic dehydration, making it a widespread issue in workplaces. While dehydration may not appear to be a huge concern, it can have a significant influence on job productivity. A 1% loss in hydration might cause a 12% decline in productivity. That means the productivity of employees can fall by as much as 50% if hydration levels drop by 3-4%.

Seven Benefits of Having Coffee and Tea Vending Machines in Offices

As we already discussed above, sipping some tea or coffee might be very beneficial if you need intense concentration and energy to finish your work. However, during working hours, it is impractical to go outside and take a sip when feeling drained. The ideal answer is to purchase and install vending machines in the office. 

Below are the top advantages of having a tea vending machine in the office:


Only some employees can carry a flask of tea or coffee from home. Additionally, running to the closest café during business hours is a waste of time. So the next best thing is to put in a vending machine. 

The majority of offices have a kitchen or tea and coffee station. By placing the machine there, all of your employees will have easy access to it anytime they need it. After all, relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee is a great way to recharge after a long morning of work.

Enhanced Productivity

If the person is not worn out, work efficiency increases. If you put a tea dispenser in the workplace, workers can refill their cups whenever they need an energy boost. Furthermore, it keeps your employees from eating unhealthy snacks at work.

You can take it a step further by installing a machine that serves healthful tea snacks. As a result, your staff will be fuller for a longer period. Employees in workplaces with such machines are happier, healthier, and more productive. According to studies, food increases your effectiveness by 13%. Take that approach and you will notice an improvement in your workplace.

Saves Time

Most employers only provide one hour for lunch. If you work in a busy neighborhood, there aren’t many places to eat lunch. As a result, your employees spend the majority of their time waiting in line for a brief lunch or snack.

The company can save time and tension by installing a tea and coffee vending machine. It quickly prepares multiple cups of coffee. Furthermore, your staff will not have to wait in line at the coffee or tea station. Instead, they keep waiting till the machine is free, giving their task additional time and effort.

Enhanced Satisfaction

When you give your employees these amenities, they feel overjoyed and become more committed to the company. Installing a vending machine in your company makes employees feel appreciated. Additionally, since a cup of tea or coffee is always at hand, they don’t have to worry about arriving at work early.

Longer Rest Period

Employees that have a tea or coffee machine nearby spend their breaks resting rather than hurrying out to get anything. Rest is essential because it helps workers to recharge their batteries before getting back to work. Furthermore, since everyone remains on-site, breaks are useful for fostering teamwork and collaboration.

Improved Interactions Among Employees

Internal interaction is usually beneficial to improve work quality. Employees regrettably don’t spend enough time interacting with one another at work. However, installing a coffee or tea maker will make breaks more convenient for catching up and discussing various concerns. Employers who desire a close-knit workforce adopt a variety of strategies to bring their staff together. A quick and efficient way to achieve this is to install a vending machine.

 Increased flexibility

Typical workplaces have fixed hours. For example, if the lunch break is between one and two o’clock in the afternoon, employees will only leave when that time arrives. On the other hand, if your workplace has a tea and coffee vending machine, your staff members can have a cup whenever they get the munchies.

Additionally, your employees are aware of their peak productivity times. So they schedule precise working hours and decide when to take breaks.


Your staff should feel very comfortable at work. Installing tea and coffee serving equipment is the most effective and simplest way to achieve that. They promote time management and boost workplace productivity. After all, employees use the time and effort spent getting lunch to accomplish more at work.

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