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Even at work, celebrating special occasions is a must. Office parties give a sense of camaraderie and unity among coworkers. It solidifies the sense of belonging and community through a fun special event for all members of the company.

Looking for ideas to make your next office party a hit? Check out this list of engaging activities, delicious food options, and other fun features that will help you throw an unforgettable event. From suggested games and decorations to helpful tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered.

Office Games

Organizing a periodical set of games in the office makes it fun for employees to go to work. You can opt to hold Olympics-style games to celebrate a milestone while instilling a friendly competition.

To make it even more fun, build teams that can vie for the championship in games like relay races and sports such as desk chair soccer.  Don’t forget to prepare trophies or medals for the winners, and provide snacks for everyone to enjoy as they socialize. These little touches will help make your office party even more memorable.

Office Awards

Holding a yearly or quarterly awards night in the office gives the outstanding members of your team the recognition that they deserve. For others, it motivates them and gives them something to look forward to. It also offers them a break by watching the entertaining show.

This activity makes employees feel valued, appreciated, and secure. You keep your employees engaged and happy by providing glamorous and fun feedback. Order custom-made trophies to hand out to the winners to make your employees feel special.

Awards range from “Customer Service Award” to “Rookie of the Year” and “Top Performer.” For fun, you may add witty and comical categories like “Winning Smile” or “Diet Destroyer Award.”

Decorate the office by rolling out a red carpet, hanging gold star balloons, and ambient lighting.  Encourage everyone to follow a fancy dress code, which polishes the event with an extra layer of fun and fabulousness.  Serve food and drinks for everyone to enjoy during the ceremony.  Hire a charismatic emcee to present the awards and charm the crowd.

Photo Booth

Photo booths can be a hit for any milestone you celebrate at the office. You don’t need to break the bank to add this feature to your party.  DIY your photo booth at the office. You will need the following:

  • A tripod or selfie stick
  • Polaroid camera (If unavailable, a tablet or smartphone will do.)
  • Photo booth app (If using a device.)
  • Backdrop (Print according to your theme, or use balloon or streamer backgrounds, curtains, etc.)
  • Props, such as oversize sunglasses, cowboy hats, wigs, etc.

Employees will have fun posing for pictures. To add flair, host a photo competition and offer a prize to the category winners, such as the funniest photo, most creative, etc.

Office Movie Night

One of the classic office get-togethers is movie night. They are not only easy to organize, but most, if not all, people love going to the movies.

All you need to prepare is a television or screen and projector. With streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, you have a wide variety of movies to select and project from your laptop or phone.

For a fun movie-themed office party, consider setting up a popcorn and candy station to create a true cinema experience. You can also add Hollywood decor and end the movie screening with movie trivia games. Alternatively, you could choose a specific movie theme, such as a holiday movie party, an Oscar party, or a rom-com marathon.

Desk Decorating Contest

Probably one of the most helpful office contests is desk decorating.  It may not necessarily be exciting for your employees, but with the promise of a reward, they will be motivated to do it. You can transform your space into a festive and party-ready space with the effort of your employees, all while they’re having fun themselves.

Select a theme like the 80s, Christmas, or a movie. Consider setting ground rules, such as a budget of $20, no fire hazards, and appropriate-for-work content. Include tidiness in the criteria, and you’ll have a sparkling, clean, festooned work area.

On the event day, winners are decided upon by a panel of judges or a peer vote. You can map out scavenger hunts to encourage coworkers to visit and check out every desk. Serve refreshments after all the festivities.

Cocktail Party

Hardworking employees love cocktail parties and office happy hours. These simple wind-down activities allow them to relax and socialize while drinking.  Adorn your space with simple signs that say “Happy Hour,” book a local bartender to visit the office, and get hors d’oeuvres ready. To make the event more exciting, create signature cocktails. If the group is up to it, give them mixology lessons.

Spring Cleaning

Why not turn your annual office cleaning into a fun company event? Even if cleaning isn’t everyone’s favorite task, doing it together can be more exciting than tackling it solo. Plus, it’s a great way to bond and get to know your colleagues better.

Take before and after photos. Hire a tutorial with organizational experts to make the activity more organized and sustainable. To start, put energizing music on speakers. Gamify the process by announcing cleaning races. Prepare a grazing table with sandwiches, pizza, and cookies. As a reward, gift the participants home cleaning products to help them tidy their homes.  When the party ends, you have a tidy and serene work environment free of distractions.

Recruitment Party

Recruitment need not be a tedious process. Trim it up and turn the standard company job fair into a recruitment party.

Like any party, picking a fun theme is a must. Choose simple and familiar ones like outer space, the 90s, or the jungle.  Advertise the event on intern job boards, local college networks, and company social media. Decorate your room and set up group icebreaker activities.

Invite experienced staff to mingle with and speak to possible interns and interested applicants. During the party, make your company’s mission statement and values visually accessible, so potential recruits know and understand your organization’s motivation. Don’t forget to stock up on snacks.

Birthdays and Holiday Parties

Being together every day at work, the office creates its own family. Even when it’s customary to celebrate birthdays and holidays at home, you can also organize small gatherings in the office.

A simple birthday cake with a song is enough to make somebody valued on their birthday. Celebrate mainstream holidays as well like Christmas, New Year’s, and Halloween. To set it apart from standard practices at home, feature customs from around the world to honor diverse cultures. It will both educate and entertain your group.  Invite the birthday celebrant or colleague from these cultures to spearhead the activities.

Celebrations build bonds and relationships between coworkers. Everyone gets the opportunity to mingle and get to know unfamiliar colleagues, which aids in forming a more cohesive sense of community within your company.  Parties are also one way for employers to show appreciation to their employees.

How to Make Office Parties Fun

Office parties are an excellent escape from the monotony of work routines. These events give coworkers a chance to unwind and form a bond with one another.  Make these events fun by executing an exciting theme like those mentioned above.

By planning fun icebreakers, team-building activities, games, and performances, you provide entertainment and interactive opportunities.  Of course, everybody loves good food, so make sure it is available whether you have big or small events.

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