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Delivering Coffee and Beverages to the Metropolis and Beyond

Kona Iced Coffee


Coffee Man Beverage Services now delivers delicious Kona Iced Coffee to your office, snack bar, or restaurant. Businesses in Orange County and Los Angeles and throughout Southern California can enjoy serving this refreshing beverage all year round.

It’s Easy

These iced coffee dispensing machines are attractive and efficient state-of-the art technology. There are no tubes, no water lines, and no mixing required. Simply place the product bag right into the machine. It’s a totally self-contained system and the bag fits perfectly. The coffee is cooled by the machine, which also comes equipped with a self-defrosting system. All you need is a 110 outlet.

It’s Exclusive

Kona Iced Coffee is packaged in 6-liter bags, requiring no refrigeration until opening. These shelf-stable bags carry a six-month code from the point of manufacture. The bags also come with a new-patented dispensing valve, which offers maximum quality protection and an exclusive patented. Disposable nozzle system for easy installation and clean up.

It’s Delicious

Kona Iced Coffee is the only bulk bag-in-a-box, premixed Iced Coffee on the market. And you can count on Kona quality to deliver a fresh, chilled premixed Iced Coffee every time. Flavors include Regular, Mocha and French Vanilla.

Delicious all year round!


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