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Newco’s GX Dual Series


Newco’s GX Dual Series is designed to withstand the rigors and demands of a high volume coffee station. Choose between a heat assisted satellite (G-15) or a thermal dispenser (Econo Server) to optimize coffee quality by keeping coffee hot and fresh for hours without additional heat. Easily brew and transport servers wherever you need them. Multiple volume brew selection, digital heating technology, gravity hot water faucet and a 6-Gallon hot water reservoir make the GX Dual series a perfect solution for high volume coffee locations, including foodservice applications.

  • Best for Foodservice and High-Volume Applications
  • Brews Directly Into Satellite Servers
  • Brews Over 4-Gallons at Once (2.2 Gallons per Dispenser)
  • Vacuum Sealed Servers Keep Coffee Hot for Hours


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