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Other Water Filtration​ Equipment


Looking for just a hot water dispenser? Instant chilled water? Instant hot water? Sparkling water from a tap? Don’t have access to a plumbed water source for your commercial coffee brewer or refrigerator icemaker?

  • No more lifting heavy, awkward 43lb bottles
  • No more office clutter of bottles
  • No more dirty bottle necks sitting in the water
  • No more fluctuating water bills
  • No more running out of water

We have all the answers.

This NSF® approved activated carbon process is great for improving the taste of your current water. The carbon filtration process reduces the chlorine, lead, sediment and other offensive particulates from your tap water.

Exubera Water Appliance (distributes ice-cold sparkling or still water)

Exubera Water Appliance (distributes ice-cold sparkling or still water)

Counter-Top Hot Water Only Dispenser

Remote Water Chiller

Bottled-Water Dispensing System


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