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Delivering Coffee and Beverages to the Metropolis and Beyond

Coffee plays an important part in our daily lives, especially for those who are in the workplace. Choosing a local supplier for your coffee and tea supplies is integral for an easy and smooth transaction in the workplace. If you are based in Orange County, California, or its nearby areas, you came to the right place.

Coffee Man Beverage Services is a supplier of coffee and tea supplies for offices and workplaces. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of getting coffee supplies from a local supplier. If you are interested in our topic, we encourage you to keep reading below to find out more information.

When choosing a coffee supplier for your office or workplace you must consider the following factors:

  • Coffee quality – Coffee is not always delicious. Its quality and taste can change drastically based on the different factors below:
  • Coffee’s origin – Is it locally-sourced or purchased from overseas
  • If freshly roasted – Freshly roasted coffee offers a delicious and aroma-filled cup of coffee. Coffee loses its taste approximately after two weeks of roasting. 
  • Where it was grown – Is it grown in the mountains or elevated areas?
  • The soil and altitude of the location – What kind of soil was it grown? Is the area elevated? Coffee trees grow best in high-elevation areas. 
  • Heat and humidity – What is the climate of the area? Is the area too hot and has high humidity? 
  • Techniques and equipment used by the roaster – What are the roasting techniques and coffee equipment used by the roaster?
  • Arabica or Robusta – Coffee Arabica is sweeter and smoother while Coffee Robusta is bitter and has the traditional coffee flavor
  • Single-origin or coffee blend – Single-origin coffee comes from a single source. It offers an original and unaltered flavor profile while a Coffee blend is a combination of different coffee beans to achieve a specific flavor profile.

By keeping all of this information in mind, you must ask your local supplier if they can provide free samples you can choose which coffee will suit your taste and make a decision accordingly. 

Do you prefer artisanal coffee or chain blend? If you choose artisan coffee you are sure that it will taste well and the quality is great. If you choose a local coffee supplier you are guaranteed that you will receive fresh and high-quality coffee, can establish a good relationship with your supplier, experience great customer service, and of course local sourcing is a more eco-friendly option than others. 

If you choose a local supplier of coffee supplies in Orange County you can experience the following benefits:

Great quality

If you choose a supplier like Coffee Man Beverage Services, you can experience high-quality coffee for you and your workmates. Different house blends are available and we can provide delicious coffee that your workplace can enjoy any time of the day. If you are searching for a specific coffee brand, please let us know so we can try our best to provide them for you. 

Minimum orders

We allow minimum orders so anyone can get their coffee supplies without having to spend too much. If you are interested to order from us, you can request a quote for any of our supplies. Aside from coffee and tea, we can also provide coffee and tea equipment, beverages, snacks, and water filtration equipment for your workplace. 

Fast turn-around

If you order from a local coffee supplier, you can receive high-quality products faster than the other supplies in the market. We can help you get your orders as quickly as possible without having to sacrifice the quality of our products. We can fill large and small orders faster than our competitors. 

Great customer service

At Coffee Man Beverage Services, we treat all our clients with the same personal care and attention. Our customer service will be helping you in every step of the process. We are grateful that you chose us to be your partner and we will do our best to provide the products and services that you need.

Our customer service will work hard to provide great quality coffee as well as equipment so you will be completely satisfied with your orders from us. We always aim to provide delicious coffee to our clients so their offices will enjoy a great cup of coffee anytime. Our cup of coffee will energize and revitalize your employees so they can work on their tasks accordingly. 


When purchasing from a local supplier, you must also check the pricing. You must choose a coffee supplier that can provide quality products at a fair price. Before choosing a supplier you must be wary of extremely low price quotations because generally, it means low-quality products.

Great coffee does not come cheap however it shouldn’t be too expensive either. If you want to enjoy a high-quality cup of coffee for your office or workplace, you must choose a local supplier like Coffee Man Beverage Services. 

We will also provide coffee and tea equipment so you can provide a full coffee experience to your employees in the workplace. 

What are the things to look out for when purchasing coffee from a local supplier?

You can ask the supplier if they will include installation and delivery when you purchase coffee and tea equipment. 

Does the equipment come with regular maintenance and servicing? You can ask them about response times and charges. Keep in mind every minute your equipment is out of order it can cost a lot of money for you and your employees because you will be forced to purchase coffee from coffee shops near your office.

Is there a minimum order required for the coffee and tea supplies? 

  • Contracts – You can ask about the contract so you can learn about the warranty covers. For example, if the equipment needs fixing, will they repair the equipment for you?
  • References – You can ask the supplier for references. So you can verify customer feedback, testimonial, or reviews regarding their products and services. 

What are the benefits if you purchase locally roasted coffee?


According to coffee experts, roasted coffee usually starts to lose its flavor after two weeks. Coffee tastes best after 3-5 days after roasting the coffee beans. You must choose a locally processed and roasted coffee so you can fully experience great coffee. Coffee suppliers usually have an in-house roaster that can help create delicious coffee. Each batch of coffee roasted undergoes quality control which results in a great-tasting coffee. 

Great aroma

When coffee is locally roasted, the aroma is enhanced. You can differentiate the smell of freshly ground coffee from a store-bought coffee that has been ground months ago. You are guaranteed to enjoy the coffee because your coffee experience will be enhanced because locally-roasted coffee has a rich and irresistible aroma.

Raw coffee beans contain the precursor of complex aroma and flavor but it usually depends on the roasting technique done to the coffee beans to bring out their delicious flavor and irresistible aroma.


Nothing feels better than drinking a cup of delicious coffee made from freshly roasted coffee beans. The freshness can affect the resulting brew. When coffee beans are roasted it releases the natural oils inside the coffee bean that bring out the sweet aroma and flavor every time you enjoy a steaming delicious cup of coffee.

Coffee loses its natural taste over time, so if you order locally roasted coffee beans, you are guaranteed to enjoy the delicious coffee flavor at its peak of freshness. 


Local coffee suppliers usually source different types of coffee beans from reliable sellers. They usually offer a wide variety of coffee beans so you can choose which one suits your taste. If your workplace or office is searching for a specific coffee, you can ask the supplier if they have it or if they are willing to source it for you. 

Support local farmers and businesses

When you order coffee from local suppliers you are also supporting their business which in turn also gives them the support they need to produce quality coffee beans. If you are considering a partnership with a local coffee and tea supplier, you will also help the coffee farmers that supply the coffee beans so they can be properly compensated with their jobs and they can also be provided with fair trade pricing. 


Why purchase from a local supplier of coffee from Orange County?

Every time you purchase from a local supplier, you are also helping the local economy. The locally-owned shop employs residents to provide the services to you. As per the US Department of Labor, independent suppliers offer more return per dollar sales to the area than the national chains located in the community.

You can help improve the local economy when you support local businesses. If you are based in Orange County or its nearby areas, you can get your coffee and tea supplies from Coffee Man Beverage Services. 

Locally roasted coffee beans mean you are guaranteed their flavor, freshness, and irresistible aroma. You will also support the local community and farmers that produce the coffee. If you need high-quality locally roasted coffee, you can send us a message through our contact form here

Check out this link for our coffee and tea equipment and our beverages, please visit this link. 

Are you searching for a company that supplies coffee, tea, snacks, and beverages for your office? If you are based in Orange County, California, you must contact Coffee Man Beverage Services. We can serve clients located in nearby cities such as Fountain Valley, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Santa Ana.

Our company is locally-owned and we have been working side by side with our clients since 2000. If you are interested to acquire our products and services please let us know. You can contact us by calling our number at 714-336-8636 or sending an email at . We also offer coffee break supplies, kitchen supplies, and water filtration equipment for offices. Contact us today! You can trust Coffee Man Beverage Services for your company’s coffee and tea supply needs.