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Delivering Coffee and Beverages to the Metropolis and Beyond

Offices and workplaces can benefit from having a regular supply of coffee products and coffee break supplies as having a cup of delicious coffee in the morning are essential for employees. If you are searching for information on how to prepare a good cup of coffee in the workplace, you came to the right place. Brewing a great cup of coffee is not as easy there are plenty of factors to consider. Make sure to follow the tips below so you can make better coffee to help you get the energy you will need to jump-start your day in your workplace. 

At Coffee Man Beverage Services, we will be sharing with you an article discussing the tips for brewing better coffee in the workplace. If you think this article will be beneficial to you, we encourage you to keep reading below to find out. 

Use fresh roasted whole coffee beans

Brewed coffee always tastes best when you use freshly roasted coffee beans. So always keep in mind to purchase coffee beans with the closest roasting date as much as possible. 

Using newly roasted coffee beans when brewing every time will allow you to enjoy a flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee. Over time, the coffee loses its naturally sweet taste and becomes bitter when exposed to air after roasting because the amount of tannins increases in the coffee. Tannin and caffeine are the two main active components that can be found in coffee and tea. 

When buying coffee for your workplace, you can opt to buy from a local roaster or roast your coffee beans rather than buying from the supermarket. Coffee beans from the supermarket may have been roasted and ground weeks or months ago. Buying from a local seller is a sure way for you to get fresh coffee beans as much as possible. 

Getting coffee beans in your city or near your area will almost always be fresher, more flavorful, and aromatic than coffee beans produced by national brands or overseas companies. That’s why it is essential to team up or work with a local company that provides coffee beans will help streamline the delivery process of your orders. 

Proper storage for coffee beans

Fresh coffee beans taste better, so you must store them properly so that they will stay fresh longer. Keep in mind, coffee must have the least amount of contact with air so it will not undergo oxidation and remain naturally sweet. 

You can use a vacuum-sealed container with a one-way valve as the preferred container for storing coffee beans; however, you can use a standard Mason jar if it is available as it also serves its purpose. Other options are metal or airtight ceramic containers which can also be useful for storing coffee beans and preserving their freshness longer. 

Storing the coffee beans in the freezer or refrigerator is not advisable, as roasted coffee beans are absorbent and can absorb moisture and food odors. Water or moisture can affect the flavor of the coffee beans. It is best to purchase a week’s supply of fresh coffee beans at a time and store them at room temperature to preserve their natural flavors. 

Use a clean coffee maker

Coffee makers can easily be neglected in workplaces. Make sure they are maintained and cleaned regularly. If the coffee maker in the workplace is dirty and full of coffee stains, it can alter the taste of the newly brewed coffee. 

If your workplace has a drip pot or espresso machine, make sure to get rid of the coffee oils and grime as it can improve the taste of your next coffee brew. If the coffee machine is not cleaned properly, it can affect the taste of your next coffee cup. Make sure to rinse it completely. You can clean the storage containers by using mild dishwashing soap and water. Get rid of the oils, buildup of dirt, and other contaminants that can affect your next coffee brew. 

Use freshly ground coffee beans

Using whole coffee beans and grinding them before brewing can significantly improve the taste of the coffee in your workplace. Every time you have to brew coffee, you must use freshly ground coffee beans as this will release the coffee’s aroma and natural delicious flavors. One of the reasons store-bought and kiosk-bought coffee tastes bad is because they have been ground weeks or months ago. The increased contact of air and coffee can cause it to taste awful. 

Over time, the coffee loses its quality, so if you want to brew a delicious cup of coffee, you have to use freshly ground coffee beans every time you brew. You can use a coffee grinder, such as burr mills or electric grinders to effectively grind the freshly roasted coffee beans. 

Grind the coffee beans using the right size and coarseness

Grinding the right size of the coffee beans is important as it determines the length of time its flavors can be extracted from them. The smaller the size the faster it can extract its flavors. When grinding coffee beans, you must grind them in the same size so they will brew at the same rate and time. Make sure to control the size of the coffee grounds so that you have more control over its brewing process. Since there are plenty of brewing methods for coffee, it may require different grind sizes to achieve a great-tasting cup of coffee. So how do you achieve the right grind size? 

If you will be making a pour-over coffee, you must brew it in about 3 1/2 minutes. If the coffee brews faster, the grind that you used is too coarse. If it brews too slowly, the grind is too fine. If the brewed coffee tastes too sour and acidic, then the grind is too coarse. If it tastes too bitter, the grind is too fine. 

If you will be making espresso, you must use a fine grind, pour-over coffees will need a medium grind and French Press will need a coarse grind. You can adjust the grind setting of the coffee beans so you can create a better-tasting cup of coffee the next time you decide to brew a cup in your workplace. 

How to achieve each level of grinding coffee beans

  • If you prefer a coarse ground – 5-10 seconds approximately – Can be used for cold brew and percolators
  • If you prefer a medium ground – 10 seconds or more – Can be used for drip coffee and French Press
  • If you prefer a fine ground – at least 15 seconds – Can be used for making espresso
  • If you prefer extra fine ground – 20-25 seconds – Can be used for making Turkish coffee

Use clean water when brewing coffee 

The quality of water used for brewing coffee is important. You must avoid using tap water with chlorine and other contaminants because it can ruin the flavor of your brewed coffee. Make sure to use bottled spring water or distilled water when brewing coffee so it will not affect its natural flavor and aroma. Having water filtration in the office is a must. 

Brew coffee using the right temperature

Using the right temperature when brewing coffee is essential. If it is too high, the resulting coffee will be too bitter. If you want to get the best coffee flavor, you must use water with temperatures ranging between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. Using the right temperature can affect the speed of extraction and also what will be extracted during the brewing process. 

The amount of time that you brew your coffee can influence the taste of your coffee. If it is too short, you will have a weak-tasting coffee; if too long you will get a bitter-tasting coffee. The brewing time will be also affected by the ratio of water to coffee. Make sure to use the right amount of coffee and water and brew it at the right time so you can produce a delicious and aromatic cup of coffee and avoid a weak-tasting or bitter-tasting coffee. 

Use high-quality coffee filters

You must avoid using cheap coffee filters as they can affect the flavor of your future coffee brews. Choosing the right coffee filter is important. You can choose the correct size for the brewing method that you will use, you must also choose the correct thickness. Thin coffee filters can cause the water to pass quicker and can affect the brewing process. Thicker coffee filters are more expensive. You can go for dioxin-free and oxygen-bleached filters to ensure that your brewed coffee will be delicious and aromatic. 

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