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It’s no secret that some office kitchens could need some improvement. But that’s not how things have to be forever!  We’ve compiled a list of easy suggestions to make your workplace kitchen more fun for you and your coworkers. All it needs is the proper equipment, a functional office kitchen layout, and even just a little amount of time spent planning how to use this space.

Therefore, if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to create the ideal office kitchen where your coworkers can genuinely enjoy their breaks, this blog post is for you. 

Pay Special Attention To The Layout 


The layout of the office kitchen is crucial, so let’s start there. These are some things to consider for your workplace kitchen.

Space Considerations

Consider where you will place the office kitchen. While it does not have to be exactly in the office, it ought to have a door that can be closed to provide your office kitchen with some visual privacy.

Consider the many areas you wish to set up in that space. It’s critical to examine how many employees use the area regularly, whether you would like office kitchen equipment available in or outside the office kitchen, and how much space you’re ready to give up.

Counter Space

If you are working with a long wall, start with a useful counter space. This ought to have a sink and a spot where office workers can prepare their food. This will also make it easier for individuals to store their workplace culinary utensils and appliances.

Clear Walkways

Make your office kitchen as accessible as possible. This means that there should be a clear path from the entrance of the room to anywhere in the office kitchen.

It’s even better if you can keep plants to separate the kitchen from common office spaces.

Consider Creating a Seating Area

Make sure there is enough area in your office kitchen layout to accommodate a fantastic kitchen table (or tables), which you may place in the room’s center or on its sides.

The office kitchen will most likely become a gathering spot for office workers, so it must be inviting while still providing adequate space for everyone who wishes to sit.

Add a Standing Area For Quick Breaks

Choose whether you want your coworkers to eat at high tables or a kitchen island to get the whole office kitchen experience. If so, bar-height office seats are crucial because it will be easier for people to get into and out of them, will give your kitchen a fantastic visual appeal, and will also aid with the office kitchen layout because they are easy to move around as your teammates position themselves around the kitchen island.

Including a Relaxing Area

Consider adding a couch and a coffee table to make it more comfortable. You can share your morning coffee in this area.

Create a Lovely Kitchen Design

Don’t forget about the office kitchen décor once you’ve finished with the layout.  You should enjoy eating in your kitchen. Pick furnishings that reflect this, such as lovely floor mats with interesting designs, office kitchen equipment that goes with your motif, and stylish but comfy bar stools.

Choose Cheerful Colors

The kitchen should have a welcoming atmosphere. Workers ought to enjoy themselves during breaks, look forward to them, and feel fantastic overall. 

Your choice of colors and patterns will be crucial in achieving this.  Use warm, relaxed hues that contrast with the corporate style of the other areas of the office to create a space that inspires office workers to spend time there.

Bring in Some Natural Light

You want the furnishings in your office kitchen to match your workplace’s interior design and style, but you need the lighting to encourage employees to spend time in the kitchen.

So, keep in mind that office kitchens require natural light and ventilation. There’s nothing wrong with showcasing your office’s stunning view if you’re fortunate enough to have one.

Indoor Plants

Never undervalue the importance of including some lovely plants. They’ll make the kitchen design in your office come to life. Potted plants are a great option if you’re short on space but still want to add plants to your workspace. 

Consider Using Smart Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets can be a useful alternative for office workers to keep their food, cups, or lunch boxes because office kitchens typically don’t have a lot of storage room. Since the shelves and drawers serve as the pantry in the office kitchen area, they must be useful. Make sure to check their height and weight capacity!

Incorporate These Kitchen Basics In Your Workplace Space

Don’t worry if you’re still unsure about what equipment to include; we’ve got you covered! The following list of kitchen equipment and appliances should be present in any office kitchen.

Big Kitchen Appliances

There must be a refrigerator. Workers must be allowed to bring their own food, drinks, and snacks and keep them cool during the day.

Other than a refrigerator, the kitchen appliances you should have will primarily rely on the size of the kitchen and the number of your team, as well as on whether you want your people to cook on-site or not.


Every workplace kitchen requires a microwave oven. It’s basic kitchen office equipment! We advise you to incorporate it into your layout.

Water Dispenser

It’s a good idea to add a water dispenser to your break room’s kitchen equipment list. It’s simply a must to provide access to fresh water so that workers may stay hydrated.

Coffee Machine

A nice office coffee machine is essential in every office kitchen!

Every office needs a coffee maker to provide a relaxing break or even a more relaxed setting for team meetings. Your staff will appreciate it!


If you do supply an oven, stove, or other facilities that will encourage your staff to cook rather than just warm up their lunch, you should consider purchasing basic kitchen supplies.

Silverware, Glasses & Cutlery Crockery

Office kitchens should have plates, forks, knives, spoons, and glass cups because they are necessities for eating.  For your staff to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea in the afternoon, mugs and bowls are a terrific addition.

Stock Up on Condiments

Don’t forget to stock up on condiments, coffee, and tea to make office workers’ lunches comfortable. Having salt and pepper is a smart idea. To spice up their cuisine, think about using some oils, vinegar, spices, and sauces.


And now you have a fantastic office kitchen that you and your coworkers will use and appreciate!

You’ll be astonished by how much these lovely office kitchen upgrades will be valued by your employees. Make it appear attractive and useful, and we guarantee they’ll thank you afterward.

Office Kitchen Supplies in Orange County, CA

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