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An office or company with employees must have access to clean, fresh, and filtered water so they can drink water anytime and be hydrated always. If you are searching for water filtration equipment for your office, you came to the right place. Here at Coffee Man Beverage Services, we will share with you an article about the benefits of having an office water filtration system. Keep reading below to find out more information. 

What are the benefits of having an office water filtration system?

  1. Employees have access to clean, safe, drinking water – When a water filtration system is available in the office, it encourages the employees drink more water. They can save their money if they drink water instead of buying sugary and caffeinated beverages.

Access to clean and safe water help with your employee’s wellness and work performance since hydration is important in maintaining an individual’s health. It is recommended for an individual to stay hydrated and to at least drink eight glasses of water daily to maintain optimum health.

Water dehydration is dangerous as it can affect an individual’s focus, can cause fatigue, and result in a weaker immune system. If your employees are weak and fatigued, it can affect and impact the workplace in a bad way. Most office workers go for coffee and other caffeinated or carbonated drinks while working.

But if your office has a water dispenser, you will be providing your employees access to clean and safe drinking water which allows them to stay hydrated without buying and drinking fizzy, sugary, or caffeinated drinks. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most water fountains and water coolers have been out of service, so you should look into getting an office water filtration system so everyone can have access to clean and safe water all the time. 

  1. Environment-friendly – Investing in an office water filtration system can help reduce single-use plastic bottle waste. You can avoid buying single-use plastic water bottles; you and your employees can use reusable water bottles or containers instead. You can use any size container to lessen trips to get water and be hydrated throughout the day. 

It can also eliminate the need for a monthly water delivery system or grocery store orders for single-use bottled water for your office consumption. Having a water filtration system will encourage environment-friendly practices in your office which can result in reduced waste and help form habits that can also be reflected in their homes and even their personal lives. 

  1. Provides delicious, clean, and safe water – Not everyone is a fan of tap water, they taste different, so most of the time individuals will avoid consuming them. Here at Coffee Man Beverage Services, our water filtration systems are the following:
  • Activated Carbon Micro-Filtration Water Cooler – This water filtration system is NSF® approved and uses an activated carbon process that improves the taste of tap water. The carbon filtration process will remove chlorine, lead, sediment, and other unsafe particles from the tap water. This makes the water safe to drink, even to make a cup of noodles, a cup of tea, or coffee. 
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration Water Cooler – This is a premium water service. This water filtration system will remove any sediments, lead, and chlorine. It also performs reverse osmosis which will remove 90-95% of the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) to make clean, safe, crisp drinking water. This process is the most popular water filtration method for bottled water companies. 
  1. Provide water for everyone – Most companies and offices use water jugs to provide water for their employees. However, problems may arise when it runs out before the order for the new batch of water comes. An office water filter system can hold 5 gallons of water and have it readily available for drinking.

It replenishes and dispenses water which can be quite useful for companies with plenty of employees who are constantly using water to stay hydrated. There will be no waiting times, as the water is readily available for consumption.

Your employees can use the water for making a cup of coffee or tea, a cup of ramen during break time, or just to drink water. Regardless of what it’s being used for, you can rest assured that you and your employees will be drinking clean and safe water. Ordering water jugs or buying single-use plastic water bottles will no longer be on your list. 

Offices, gyms, companies, etc. can easily be installed with this water filtration system, as long as there is a standard electrical wall outlet and a water source within reach. You can request several water filter system stations depending on the number of employees and needs accordingly. 

  1. Minimal maintenance is needed – An office water filter system is constantly used throughout the day so you must install one that needs minimal maintenance. The design of the water filter system will result in less dirt and grime. It can be easily cleaned and maintained. If the filter needs to be changed, it can be done quickly. 

Why should you consider investing in an office water filter system?

An office is a collaborative space where employees use their creativity and productivity in their work performance. This can also be enhanced if they have 24/7 access to clean and safe drinking water.

Tap water is not safe to drink as it contains different particles, contaminants, chemicals, and other products that can be unsafe to drink. That’s why, nowadays, offices and companies are searching for ways to help their employees maintain good health by providing easy access to clean and safe drinking water. 

Clean and safe drinking water is a need that must be fulfilled by a company for its employees. So providing clean drinking water and making it accessible all the time will help improve the health of your staff. Dehydration can occur if a person is not able to drink water when their body needs it.

It can affect the person’s ability to concentrate, think clearly, do their tasks before deadlines, perform their jobs, etc. You must make sure to provide your staff easy access to clean and safe drinking water which can result in improving their creativity and productivity. 

Investing in an office water filter system can be a cost-effective solution for providing safe and clean drinking water for your employees. It is eco-friendly as it can help reduce waste from bottled water and also save your company money in the process. 

What are the options for providing clean drinking water to your employees? 

Providing safe and clean drinking water is not a privilege but a necessity for a company or office. You must understand the options you have to find the right solution to address your needs. Here are the three most common ways to provide clean and safe drinking water to your employees. You can install a water filter system, bottled water delivery, or buy single-use bottled water from stores. 

Water filtration system – This is the most complete and cost-effective solution to provide clean and safe drinking water to your employees. There are different types of water filter systems.

The most popular are the following: bottle-less water coolers and reverse osmosis systems. Both have advantages and can be used for different applications. Water filtration systems may be a bit costlier than the other alternatives, but they can lower the company’s ongoing costs gradually. 

Bottled water delivery – This is the most common choice for offices as the source of their drinking water. This involves the delivery of bottled water depending on the need and it is usually delivered in 5-gallon containers. The water system that uses a 5-gallon bottle of water is usually loaded into the top part of the system which can be a disadvantage to some as it is quite heavy.

Finding a space to store them can be quite a problem for small offices or those companies with a lot of employees. If you have a regular order of 15 bottles of water weekly, then you must find a place to store them.

Another aspect that must be considered is ordering bottled water is more expensive when compared to a water filtration system. You will have to consider the cost of water, the security deposit of the containers, and the lease costs for the cooler. 

Single-use bottled waterThis is not a sustainable option for offices. It is not environment-friendly as the bottles are single-use then they will just add to the ever-increasing amount of plastic bottle waste in the landfill. 

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