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Coffee has been a staple to many, to a point that employees may not function properly without caffeine in their bodies. Hence, employer-provided coffee is becoming on the rise. Not only does it improve employee’s productivity, but it also attracts top talents and boosts employee retention. It shows that you, as an employer, care for your people, which increases their morale. Surely, your investment in coffee services will be maximized, and you might even receive a return on investment through your workers’ improved performance.

But offices vary. So, when it comes to coffee solutions, you have to consider a number of things such as your employees’ coffee preference, the number of employees, office size, and facility layout. To help you choose the best coffee services for your workplace, we have listed some options below to guide you in your investment.

For Small Or Medium-Sized Offices

Single Serve Coffee Maker

A single-serve coffee machine is best for offices that do not need a large volume of coffee at the same time. Since the coffee maker only makes one cup at a time, it is advisable for smaller pantries or break rooms that hold few employees. This can also be used on a client-facing area where you will most likely serve a cup of joe to a client. Most of the single-serve coffee machines can make up to 50 cups, but larger models can provide more than that. We suggest getting the single-serve coffee machine if your pantry has low traffic that most of your workers don’t need coffee simultaneously.

It is also best for workers with varying coffee tastes. It uses small packets of coffee to produce a single cup. And these packets or pods come with different types of coffee, flavors, and even specialties. The drink options include tea, hot cocoa, lattes, cappuccinos, and coffee with flavors like hazelnut and french vanilla. Iced drinks are also available depending on the machine you choose. Therefore, it can satisfy diverse coffee preferences. 

Employees can choose and make their coffee individually with no hassle, little clean-up, and no wait time. Single-serve coffee makers are not tedious to clean. They require less maintenance compared to other types of coffee makers. 

Traditional Coffee Drip

Single-served coffee machines are great for a variety of mid-sized offices. But some would prefer otherwise- a break room with different coffee machines or coffee makers that accommodate a larger capacity. For this instance, you may consider traditional drip coffee solutions.

Traditional coffee drip uses large thermal canisters called airpots to mass-produce coffee at the same time. Hence, it is ideal for larger break rooms and conferences where you should serve coffee immediately. Once the airpot is filled, you can pour a drink as much or as little as you want on every cup. This kind of coffee machine is available in multiple models, from 8-cup pots to gallon pots. However, it can only make a single kind of coffee for the whole canister. But if you pair the machine with a coffee grinder, the available coffee bean options may be plenty, and you will be preserving the freshness of every cup. Thermal airpot systems are also more economical and environment-friendly than single-served coffee that uses packets.

For small and medium-sized workplaces, you have to account if you plan to physically expand your offices in the near future. Will the coffee machine still be feasible after a year or two with your additional employees and bigger office? Will you be needing a larger volume of coffee or add another coffee maker? These kinds of questions can help you consider which to invest in.

For Large Offices

In this context, large offices are facilities that have numerous breakrooms and conference rooms and feed more than 75 employees.

Provide a Mix of the Following Machines

Larger offices typically require a set of different coffee solutions to meet the company’s demands. Having multiple break areas means coffee machines for each, and conference rooms imply the need for beverages. Meeting areas and large kitchens are where mass consumption of beverages occurs, and that is where we recommend large-volume machines like the traditional coffee drip and airpots. With regard to employees who love specialty coffee, you may consider a combination of drip machines and bean-to-cup coffee makers that provide specialty coffee like lattes and cappuccinos.

Traditional Coffee Drip/Airpot Machines and Thermal Brewers

If your office often hosts meetings, conferences, seminars, or events where you will be serving a large number of staff and participants, an airpot machine or a high-volume thermal brewer is what you should opt for. When coffee is in high demand, airpot machines plus thermal brewers are great for making large portions of quality coffee at speed. The thermal pot helps in keeping the drink hot and fresh throughout the day. It also aids in keeping everyone energized and engaged during workshops as they are readily available whenever they need caffeine.

These large-volume options can produce a maximum of 80 cups per hour for the airpot machine and 300 cups per hour for the thermal brewer. These systems require to be directly connected to a water source to maximize their capacity. The coffee service company will assist you in determining the best location to install such equipment.

The in-office grinder and drip machine offer a hands-on experience to the employees with more control of how fine they want their coffee beans to be ground, as well as the process of brewing. This machine generates for individual serving or a carafe of coffee.

Bean-to-Cup Machines

If you have plenty of coffee connoisseurs in the office, you may want to provide them with a gourmet cup of coffee in the office as well. An in-office grinder and drip machine plus bean-to-cup coffee maker will both be a good blend as your coffee solution.

Bean-to-cup machines have a built-in coffee grinder that yields one freshly brewed, rich cup of coffee at a time. It allows customization of drinks where you can brew two or three whole bean types together, thus this specialty coffee can be a rival to premier coffeehouses. The coffee bean variety it holds is only limited to two or three kinds of specialty like lattes, chocolate, and mocha. But, through the drip machine, you can expand the coffee choices.  

Another beautiful feature of bean-to-cup machines is the availability of two different brewing methods: Espresso and French Press. The coffee aficionados will love the options. Some professional-grade bean-to-coffee machines provide brew-strength alternatives and differing cup sizes. It can cater to daily traffic of 45-100 people. 

Office Espresso Machine

Espresso machines are much like bean-to-cup machines and are very popular among coffee lovers. This is one of the most recommended coffee makers for offices that love specialty drinks. Espresso machines also provide a wide range of flavors like americano and cappuccino, and other models of espresso machines have iced latte options. One of this kind can serve 10 to 150 people per day. Match your espresso machine to your cups and other merchandise for a better coffee experience for your employees and visitors. This kind of arrangement is regarded as high-end, giving the feel of having a coffee shop and barista in your office.

Cold Brew

Some employees would prefer cold drinks, and at times, one might fancy an iced coffee, especially during warm weather. But cold brew is different from iced coffee. Iced coffee is a coffee that is being cooled by putting ice on it. The cold brew is a coffee brewed for 12 to 18 hours in cold water, making the coffee smoother, low-acidic, and highly caffeinated. Cold brew has been a trend for Americans and the younger age groups, which makes this a good option if you have a lot of them in your office. 

For Offices With Coffee Connoisseurs

If you have plenty of employees that go out to grab a gourmet cup of coffee daily, providing them a coffee solution that produces specialty coffee drinks can make them enjoy their stay in your company. Bean-to-cup machines, espresso machines, and cold brew are the selections you can offer them. 

In summary, for small and medium-sized offices, single-serve or airpot machines are your go-to. But if your office will cater to a larger group, opt for a larger volume or a combination of coffee machines like single-serve machines, airpot, bean-to-cup, espresso, or cold brew machines. 

If you are still hesitant about which is the best coffee solution for your workplace, contact Coffee Man Beverage Services, and we can offer you a proposal that suits your office best. You can reach us at 714-336-8636 and coffeemanbeverages@yahoo.com. We can assist you in providing your office with a great coffee experience. Visit our website now for more details.