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Starbucks Coffee

Coffee Man for your Starbucks Coffee Office Services. Coffee Office Services | Santa Ana | Irvine | Newport Beach | Orange County CA


Starbucks coffee is a reward and an inspiration, an expertly roasted, daily reminder to your staff, customers and guests that you value them. Starbucks helps create a positive, motivating environment in your workplace. As the worlds most recognizable coffee brand, you’ll enjoy the intangible benefits conveyed to employees and guests that you are committed to quality and delivering a superior experience in the office.

Many Starbucks coffee lovers would be surprised to find out that Seattle’s Best coffee is a subsidiary of the company that is based in Seattle Washington, hence the name Seattle’s Best coffee. Originally the coffee shop began as an ice cream shop that carried coffee as well. It was known as the Wet Whisker and it roasted its own coffee in the shop. This coffee would become known as Seattle’s Best coffee in later years. They use the finest Arabica beans and a unique roasting style called “smooth roasting” designed to bring out the most flavor possible.


  • 2.5 oz Portion Packs
  • 2.0 oz Portion Packs
  • 1 lb. Whole Bean
  • 1 lb. Ground

Brewing Equipment:

  • Newco Models: ACE A/P, ACE LP, GXFD2-15, GXDF-8D
  • Cafejo Models: PS-1018, Cafejo PS-1024


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